Authors: Ingrid Freebairn, Jonathan Bygrave, Judy Copage, Olivia Johnson, Sarah Curtis

LiveBeat is a 4-level, brand new course for teenagers that keeps students motivated and focused to achieve better learning outcomes.

With authentic characters and situations, stimulating videos and animations, and a wealth of interactive activities, students quickly learn how to communicate effectively so they can start using English immediately.

Available at A1-B1+ (CEFR), 25-52 (GSE).

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Engage students with a rich selection of multimedia

LiveBeat enables you to have the lessons your students have always dreamed about.

Video blogs with young native speakers of English will set your everyday lessons in a natural context relevant to teenagers' interests.

They cover such topics as family issues, holidays or relaxation techniques and many more.

Watch a sample vblog from LiveBeat  

Time to upgrade your traditional chalk-and-blackboard language presentations!

Let Stickman take over your place and guide students through the meanders of English in grammar and pronunciation animations.

Watch a sample grammar animation from LiveBeat  

Do you still want more?

Check the online components - eTexts and MyEnglishLab - for a wealth of interactive activities to keep your students focused and speed up their progress.

Teach effective communication

In LiveBeat we paid special attention to the structure of each lesson, making the course well-organized and manageable in one year.

The syllabus ensures balanced focus on both written and verbal communication skills.

Realistic communicative activities help students to start using their English immediately. But that's not all!

LiveBeat offers a unique set of interactive communication videos which let students hear the model expressions and practice them in a real context.

All wrapped up in the attractive multimedia
form loved by today's students!
Watch a sample communication video from LiveBeat

Set goals and monitor progress

Regular revision sections consolidate students' knowledge and build awareness of what they have learnt.
Would you like to see how LiveBeat builds up students' knowledge and linguistic self-confidence?

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LiveBeat offers a comprehensive testing and assessment package to help teachers and students track how well they are doing. The materials include:
  • 20 unit tests,
  • 10 summative tests,
  • 10 skills tests,
  • 5 speaking tests,
  • 2 entry tests,
  • 2 exit tests.
HIT! Each type is also available in a version adapted to the needs of students with specific learning differences.

MyEnglishLab will help your students improve their results and allow you to monitor their progress day by day.

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LiveBeat package offers:
  • Students' Book
  • Workbook
  • Workbook audio Mp3s
  • Students' eText
  • MyEnglishLab
  • Teacher's Book
  • Class audio CDs
  • Motivator Worksheets
  • Teacher's eText for IWB
  • Editable tests


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